1. The editors of the journal are accountable and guarantee the high quality of scientific publications.


2. The editors of the journal are obliged to make fair, impartial decisions, independent of commercial interests, to provide a reasoned review process.


3. The editors of the journal should follow an editorial policy that encourages maximum transparency, full and honest reporting.


4. The editors of the journal should protect the integrity of published entries, reporting corrections, refusals to publish articles, if necessary, plagiarizing and publishing articles of the same content in several publications.


5. The editors of the journal should suppress the misconduct of reviewers and editorial staff.


6. The editors of the journal must comply with the ethics of relations regarding the resolution of editorial conflicts of interest.


7. Reviewers and authors should be aware of the requirements that are imposed by international standards for the quality of scientific research and the design of articles.


8. The editors of the journal should critically evaluate the ethical standards for human and animal research.


The requirements for compliance with publication ethics are set out in the international standard. A position statement developed at the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, Singapore, July 22-24, 2010

(according to the internet site of the publishing house SCIENCE LIBRARY)

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