New technologies and designs

  1. Mathematical model and software for simulation of a diesel engine in pre-launch and start-up modes - V. N. Bondar, A. A. Malozyomov, V. S. Kukis / No.2 [12] 2017

  2. Study of the characteristics of the Couette-Taylor flow in modern gas-dynamic bearings - V. V. Volkov-Muzylev, Yu. A. Borisov, D. A. Kalashnikov / No.2 [12] 2017

  3. Comparative analysis of the characteristics of a rotor of a turbocompressor made of composite and traditional materials - A. N. Netrusov, V. M. Fomin / No.2 [12] 2017

  4. Design of a combustion chamber based on the RQL concept - A. S. Gornovsky, A. G. Valeev, A. V. Kostyukov / No.2 [12] 2017

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