Scientific research of boost systems

  1. Electric compressor in multi-stage pressurization systems - V. N. Kaminsky, S. V. Sibiryakov, T. I. Teregulov, R. V. Kaminsky, I. N. Grigorov, A. V. Lazarev / No. 2 [12] 2017

  2. Choice of pressurization system for forced diesel locomotive - V. V. Sinyavsky, V. A. Potapov / No. 2 [12] 2017

  3. Interaction of exhaust pulses of piston engines with a turbine - Yu. A. Grishin / No. 2 [12] 2017

  4. The influence of the gap between the casing and the compressor wheel on the integral characteristics of the stage - A.O. Shevyakov, L. A. Kosach, A. A. Dementiev, A. V. Kostyukov / No. 2 [12] 2017

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