Dear authors and readers!

Our journal NAUKOGRAD (City of Science) is published on the initiative of the City Scientific and Technical Council of the Science City of Protvino (GNTS).

Founders: GNTS Protvino, NPO Turbotekhnika (Protvino), Publishing House SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY (Moscow).

The journal is registered in Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, by the
Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media.
Registration Certificate PI No. FS77-57982 was issued on April 28, 20014; included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Information about the journal is contained in the electronic catalog of the Russian Scientific Library eLIBRARY.RU.


The publication has been assigned an international classification number: ISSN 2313-7533.


The frequency of publication of the journal is quarterly; volume - 80-120 pages; circulation - up to 5,000 copies; distribution - subscription, distribution to government bodies, presentation at specialized exhibitions, scientific conferences.


The project does not pursue commercial goals, is purely scientific (multidisciplinary), educational and journalistic in nature, and its further development depends entirely on our common interest and support, which can be expressed primarily in the provision of materials for publication, as well as in subscription to the journal. 

This is a scientific journal (the so-called "open" journal). 


Prominent Russian scientists, industrialists, economists, and university teachers have already joined the project (NAUKOGRAD. 2014. №№ 1 and 2).

The subtitle of the journal: Science - Industry - Society.

For publication in the journal are accepted materials on the scientific and scientific-production activities of organizations dedicated to specific research, their practical application and production of high-tech products. Mainly on the topics of research centers and research and production associations, as well as on innovative, technological, regional and social development, strategic marketing of the territories of science cities . The content of the article can be of a scientific, analytical and journalistic nature with consideration of problems and solutions. It is planned to post information materials having a scientific, scientific, practical or social orientation, as well as announcements of events (scientific conferences, seminars, competitions, student and school competitions, etc.). 


The motto of the journal: The journal is about science's life and life in science. 


Articles for the following topics are accepted for publication:

  • Technics

  • Biomedicine and Medical Physics

  • Scientometrics and History of Science

  • Education

  • Regional Development (Regional Studies)

  • Sociology

  • Economics

Heads of enterprises and specialists of various profiles are given the opportunity to talk about scientific and production achievements, present their products and characterize their advantages.


The magazine allows you to draw public attention to serious topics, interesting ideas that require support.


Publication of materials about enterprises and their activities is carried out free of charge, subject to subscription to the journal.


Participation in this project is an opportunity to spread and get new knowledge, open new perspectives, increase the prestige of science and production.


Sincerely, editor in chief Valery Kaminsky,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC NPO Turbotekhnika,

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the GNTS Protvino

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